How to make your own bulk email server

Step by step guide to send 1 million emails in one day easily


This is a step by step guide how to make your own bulk email server over VPS/Own Server. If you follow each step you should be able to send 1 million emails in Inbox everyday.

Step 1 Prerequisites-

System Requirement-

  1. A good VPS provider
  2. A good DNS provider
  3. Minimum 4GB Ram, 2 vCPU and SSD Storage preferrably NVME
  4. OS – Ubuntu 16.04/18.04
  5. A good PHP & MySQL based email sending software (preferrably paid)

Step 2 Make DNS Entries-

  1. A Record
  2. MX Record

Step 3 Installation-

Considering the VPS provider has provided you with root access to Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 server

  1. nano /etc/hostname – set hostname eg mail
  2. nano /etc/hosts     -eg. Add     Your external IP   FQDN  mail
  3. hostname mail
  4. Do a hostname -f      – should display FQDN
  5. apt-get update
  6. cd /
  7. mkdir downloads
  8. cd downloads/
  9. mkdir virtualmin
  10. cd virtualmin/
  11. wget
  12. /bin/sh

Step 4 Configure Virtualmin-

  1. Access Virtualmin using https://FQDN:10000
  2. Enter your root ID and password
  3. It will take you to post installation wizard click next
  4. Next every where click on use more ram option and click next until you get to mysql page
  5. on mysql page do not select more ram for postgremysql option
  6. set your mysql password
  7. select hashed option for more security
  8. Enter your name servers from DNS provider and click skip check resolvability
  9. Once post-intsallation wizard is complete click on recheck and refresh configuration
  10. Click on bell icon on the right and install all updates available

Step 5 Configure the server-

  1. On the left hand side click on edit databases and then add a new database
  2. Give name as per your mailing software and enter a password
  3. click on Additional options and select UTF-8 Unicode and UTF-8 General ci
  4. Click on edit users add new user name
  5. Click on permissions and give permission to the newly created database
  6. Go to Virtual Server configuration Click on SSL certificate and then click on last tab lets encrypt
  7. make a custom request rather than defaul for the following and
  8. Now click on each option and apply certificate on each element ie postfix,usermin,webmin etc
  9. Close the tab and now open the URL again you should be secured now

Step 6 Setup Elements of postfix:

  1. Go to webmin->Servers-> postfix mail server->SMTP client options and at the end check the text box enable TLS and save- This will configure TLS
  2. Go to email settings and click on DKIM option
  3. Click on sign outgoing email and setup the identifier ie 2005
  4. Click ave this will install the DKIM filter
  5. Come back and it will show the DKIM key put it as a text record with the DNS provider
  6. Make an spf entry v= spf1 mx ~all with your DNS provider
  7. Setup DMARC now by going into webmin->BIND DNS Server-> Bottom Right click your domain Name-> Then click on DMARC and setup your DMARC policy and click ok- DMARC installed pick up the DMARC record and paste it is a TXT record with your domain provider
  8. Send a test email on gmail it should show SPF,DKIM,DMARC pass
  9. Setup reverse DNS on the VPS

Step 6 Warmup your IP-

Week 1 Daily Volume
Day 1 200
Day 2 500
Day 3 1,000
Day 4 2,000
Day 5 5,000
Day 6 10,000
Day 7 20,000
Week 2
Day 8 40,000
Day 9 100,000
Day 10 250,000
Day 11 500,000
Day 12 1,000,000

All Set Enjoy!

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